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Thanks to all this, it will be much easier for you to find the game you were looking for without having to try them all. You can be a merchant, fisherman, woodcutter, miner or whoever you want. You'll meet other player, exchange opinions and suggestions, find new adventure-mates and keep up-to-date with all the latest news in the frenetic world of free to play online games. If what you're looking for is a specific genre, have a look at the available categories. Your priority is to gear up with melee and ranged weapons and just survive the city or try your skills and equipment in PvP action.

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Game map is large so lots of exploring can be done. RuneScape Classic can be still played by premium members. As you explore the world and complete quests, you also need to be ready to fight.

Combat is in real-time which gives you a chance to attack as fast as your spells let you. Each class has unique spells and abilities.

New spells and new abilities will be available as you level up. You can find items such as weapons, armor, elixirs and potions during your journey. In addition, you can become more powerful by customizing your character with talents. You can advance your characters as well as your city. Lots of missions and quests available. PvP between alliances is certainly sometime one must take part of. Might feel a bit grind-fest later but the beginning sure is fun.

Can be played without downloading anything, using Unity Web Player, there is also an option of downloading the client into your computer to make the game much faster. Lots of quests, customization and spells. Medieval themed cities, lots of maps, caves and frequent in-game events. You can choose to play solo or with others, definitely more fun playing with your whole guild.

Angel Alliance is 3D turn-based strategy multiplayer online game owned by Kabam. Lots of dungeons that can be explored in single- and multiplayer mode. The graphics are unique, making the even game more interesting to play. Dead Frontier is MMO horror game in which you have to survive the city filled with zombies. Your priority is to gear up with melee and ranged weapons and just survive the city or try your skills and equipment in PvP action. At first it may seem too difficult, this is due to the fact that a monthly membership is recommended, of course you can play this game for free, but it will be extremely difficult at one point.

One awesome aspect of the game is that the market it driven by the community itself. War of Clans is a strategy based mmorpg by Plarium.

Control your villages by discovering new technologies and growing your resources. Train and hire an army that will both defend you and help you in attacks and robbing. Many buildings and upgrades available, but everything requires resources, which is also the key in this game to be successful. Global Strike is 3rd person shooter similar to Counter Strike 1.

Various modes like Mutant, Deathmatch etc. Even great to play on low spec PCs. Has medium experience rate, gold has huge importance in the game. Lots of weapons, maps and events. Arcane Legends is an online co-op adventure RPG. Pets can be highly customized.

It has great characters, a lot of landmass to explore, and everyone is always fighting. Humans, elves, dwarves, and hobbits — aka: Meet Ents, get lost in Moria, or take long rides through Rohan.

Expansions push the story forward, following the books, and with each major plot point comes new mechanics, like the addition of mounted combat.

The Old Republic is a winner. Play as one of eight classes, split across the Empire and Republic. Each has a detailed, dramatic story, and they are good. You can take on the role of an Imperial Agent, working for the good of the Empire by rooting out terrorists; a Jedi Knight sworn to hunt Sith and protect the galaxy; or even a slave-turned-Sith Inquisitor, playing a dangerous game of politics.

You can play all of this for free, but as a subscriber, you can level faster and concentrate solely on the interesting class and planetary quests instead of the trite filler rubbish. Several expansions have kept it feeling reasonably fresh, but it is the excellent Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion that really deserves to be played.

With its web of intrigue, relationships and a focus on player choice, it feels more like a proper Knights of the Old Republic sequel than anything that has come before it.

Secret World Legends asks exactly that. A quest in Secret World Legends is as likely to be a puzzle that makes you search through real websites for the answers as it is to be one that sends you off to behead a monster.

Wars that span weeks, if not months, across multiple systems. Years of plotting and sabotage to bring huge corporations down from the inside. Reports of huge losses in ships and cargo, some reaching thousands of dollars in real-world value.

During its long reign, WoW has changed a lot. New classes, races, a graphics overhaul, whole new continents… players can even travel back in time. Take Garrisons, for instance: What world you dive into next is entirely up to you. Will you go for one of the free MMOs , or will you be splashing out on a subscription? Regardless of your choice, know that the best multiplayer games are a ticket to new friends and, of course, new enemies. Pick your battles, create your clans, and head into a new adventure.

Get pro gamer calibre performance in a next-gen wireless mouse. Humoristic fantasy browser game - Stormfall: In the game you must create and upgrade your castle, while also building an army to pillage the castles of other players Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular Combat - Crossout is an online shooter based around vehicular combat in a post-apocalyptic future. One might go as far as to say that it is mad… to the max. Or at least, one day it might All the dragons are now free, and the game is the culmination of five ears of bug fixes, changes, and new content.

Polish your passive skills to gain an edge all Pirate Themed Strategy Browser Game. In this game you are a commander of your own haven base of operations , where your goal is to War-based strategic Browser Game - Imperia Online is a free browser-based MMO belonging to the evergreen genre of city-building strategy games.

It will require you to establish a financially strong state with a good army. Manpower can be deployed to The action is fast, the gun play is On this page you'll be able to find the best online games we reviewed ordered by vote. All the games we reviewed are free2play: This is totally optional and most of our players play free without any problems. We are constantly updating our archive to propose you the latest online games of We have decided to give top priority to the games in English: Nevertheless, we have decided to make some exceptions to this rule for the best free MMORPG games unavailable in English, giving them some space on our online games portal.

In a typical MMORPG , each user has its own virtual alter-ego wander through the online gaming world, complete quests, kill enemies and interact with other players: Browser Games are free online games that you can play through your browser.

They can often be played from a smartphone or tablet through a native app or with a normal web browser. Most free browser games in are war games or strategy games, but there are also several browser-based online RPGs. If you want to know more about this kind of free games, have a look at our page dedicated to browser games. Whether they are browser games or games to download for free, online fantasy games are one of the most beloved and played categories of games of all time.

The charm of a fantasy setting has conquered millions of players throughout the world, and in we have lots of both fantasy MMORPGs and fantasy browser-games. If you want to find out more, we have a page dedicated to the best free fantasy online games.

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