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Game symbols include the show host, the contestants and a lot of round categories of the show. Start playing some of the following progressive slots to become a millionaire. Daily Double Bonus — Choose categories, reveal extra credits, and possibly increase winning multipliers up to 32x. If you choose to risk some or all of your bonus award you will be advanced to the Final Jeopardy! Jeopardy Slots In , the game show known as Jeopardy! Play for real money.

Jeopardy Slot Machine from IGT

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This experience can be shared by any other player who triggers the same bonus within 10 seconds, and any winnings are divided among the group. The following bonus events are available:. When it comes to the sometime-mustachioed host of Jeopardy, reactions are often divided. Some see him as an easy-going staple of American television, while others view him as a pompous know-it-all.

No matter which camp you belong to, here are 21 interesting bits of trivia about Alex Trebek that you might not be aware of. Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in While he shaved his moustache during the season, he had previously worn it for more than 30 years. Lists his favorite author as Mark Twain. Speaks fluent English and French. Also has a passing knowledge of Russian, Spanish, German, and Italian. Has lived in the United States since Stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Trebek framed it, and it still hangs on his wall. Owns Creston Farms, a acre thoroughbred horse farm. Prior to a career as a game show host, Trebek worked as a reporter on Canadian radio and television.

Has appeared in bit parts on more than 70 movies and TV shows. One of the most notable was on The X-Files, where he played a shadowy government agent who was partnered up with Jesse Ventura. Once spent a summer at a Trappist monastery, which changed his mind about becoming a priest. Born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on July 22nd, During his teenage years, he worked as a garbage man in Cincinnati.

Became a citizen of the United States in Received a star on the Canada Walk of Fame in Notable Jeopardy Contestants Since more than 7, episodes of Jeopardy have aired, a tremendous number of men and women have served as contestants. In the following list, we take a look at some of the most notable. Jeopardy ran from until , and then again from to The most successful version, however, would debut in , and it's still going strong as of this writing.

Given the popularity of the show and its impact on pop culture, it's only natural that gaming industry leader IGT would secure the rights to create a slot machine adaptation.

In addition to this feature, you can also get bonus symbols too. The symbols will extend rewards with payouts for 3, 4, or 5 identical ones. The host will be the most lavish, with 2, maximum for 5 host symbols. The crew members will extend maximum each, for 5 identical ones.

Then the symbols for the individual categories will follow, with maximum , or , or These bonus symbols must get out on column 3. For 2 symbols, the spins can be up to 11, or you can get a multiplier of up to 6x, for 3 symbols, it will be up to 13 spins or up to 11x, and for 4 bonus symbols there will be up to 19 spins, or up to 12x. With Just Spin Baby, you will grab free spins. With X Marks the Spot, there will be a multiplier valid for the whole round of free spins.

With Potpourri, it will be more free spins, or a higher multiplier. With Wild About You, the symbol to be Wild in columns 2 to 5 will be determined. Really wild will determine the column which will become Wild all over. If you get the daily double symbol then all your bonuses will be doubled. The game keeps going until you get to the final board symbol.

The final round is like the TV show. You get to bet a certain amount of you winnings from the bonus round. You then get the question on the screen and you chooses one of the players who will then reveal their answer.

If they answer correctly, then you win the amount you have bet - simple and fun. When you reveal the "Final Jeopardy!

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