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So how do you know where to look? Today, keno is one of the most popular of all online casino games. Other differences between include that with Keno you can choose the size of your bet but also how many draws you want your numbers to be used for and that Bingo is played until a winner is found, while in Keno the machine will stop after drawing 20 numbers. If you win a game, up your bet. A template offered by the house.

What's in this Guide?

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Keno at the Best Online Casinos

Today, keno is one of the most popular of all online casino games. It combines fast action, big jackpots and simple game play to make it the perfect choice for casual gamblers — or for anyone looking for a break from more demanding games. Keno can be played at virtually any online casino. However, unlike most games, where you choose to play online keno for real money may have a drastic impact on the odds you receive while playing.

This is because there are no standardized pay tables for keno; each casino sets their own unique payouts, some of which are significantly better than others.

Online keno is very easy to play. Keno is essentially a lottery game played with 80 balls, numbered 1 through Players can choose spots before each drawing.

In a live keno game, drawings will typically take place every five to ten minutes; in video keno or real money keno, you can choose to have drawings as frequently as you like. Often, you can buy tickets or online, choose numbers that will be used for the next several drawings, saving you the time of choosing the same numbers before each individual drawing. The amount of spots the player will need to hit in order to win a prize will depend on the individual casino, as well as the number of spots chosen.

When players choose a larger number of spots, there may even be prizes for correctly picking zero balls or other small numbers. The largest prize is always given for correctly matching all spots the player has picked. A mainstay in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can play the game every couple of minutes while you are taking a break from more serious gambling action. As veteran online gamblers ourselves, even though we realize betting on keno legally from the comfort and privacy of our favorite PC or recliner delivers some of the worst casino odds, we do enjoy taking a stab every now and then while we relax our minds after playing more intense and strategic casino games during our legal betting online session.

The simple casino game originated in China, and can be tracked back as far as the 19th century. China did not believe in the use of national lotteries to fund public institutions, and so the game of keno, which was nationally popular, was used to raise enough funds to help build the Great Wall of China.

Learning to play keno online takes even the novice gambler less than 5 minutes, and now United States gamblers can legally enjoy online keno games any time night or day from any computer with an Internet connection, rather than having to make a trip to Las Vegas.

Currently, online keno legality states that it is legal for a player from the U. This means legal licensing and certification must be provided by a locale like Macao, which incidentally sold the first ever legal keno licenses way back in as a way to boost the Portuguese government's coffers. And while there is no guarantee that a less than reputable online casino cannot get their hands on the best gaming software, generally, the mere presence of RealTime Gaming, Microgaming or PlayTech as casino software providers is an instant sign of security and safety.

Since we are focusing on US friendly legal online casinos , our primary software platform featured is RTG. We have double checked the terms of this promotion and playing Keno is allowed. This is an exclusive offer which can only be claimed using our special land page links.

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