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When withdrawing via Bitcoin, it takes only 15 minutes for the funds to reach your account but please be wary that you should ALWAYS withdraw into a wallet and not into an exchange. Following are seven specific risks to be aware of and how to guard against potential losses that have little if anything at all to do with how well or badly the actual blackjack hands are played. Pre-Decision speeds up the game immensely. Players might bust out before the casino ever makes a decision. Have a look at any of our reviewed, approved and fully licensed online casinos that we have listed around our website for each of them have plenty of different Blackjack game variants and do accept and allow UK based players to sign up and play them, and you really are going to be spoilt for choice in regards to the number of Blackjack games and the number of online casinos that you can play those games at!

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A multitude of standard limit blackjack tables on the Evolution Gaming floor. Now all live streamed in wide screen high definition format. Unlike their regular blackjack table, deal is from regular shoe not shuffle machine , shuffled manually. These are accessible by players logged in at that casino only, and bear unmistakable casino branding. Playtech private tables are served from their new Riga studio, and with the new wide screen game interface. Playtech launched their new Romanian Bucharest studio in early , then re-launched new look Romanian tables in At time of writing there were 5 Soho blackjack tables.

This is 7 seat blackjack, live streamed from a purpose built studio within the Portomaso Casino in Malta. Vision is truly HD. Play a single seat, play all seats as you wish. The deal will be at your preferred speed, and you may request a dealer change if desired. You may play up to 5 boxes at any time shared with other players. But you are still playing an individual hand.

A number of differently themed tables identical rules are available, including Blackjack Macau, Blackjack Vegas, Blackjack Montecarlo. This is a landmark offering…the first US licensed live dealer online blackjack table ever offered. Available to players resident in New Jersey only.

Slightly different look and higher limits than the regular blackjack tables. No bet behind why would you want to? Live Blackjack You are here: Live dealer blackjack Any live casino worth playing at will have a range of live blackjack tables to choose from. Rule variations Live blackjack games from all the major platforms are represented in the below gallery. Key to sort-able live online blackjack gallery: For a more in-depth review of tables by platform… Visit these pages, which include complete house rules, return to player rates and recommendations on where best to play… Evolution Gaming Blackjack Playtech Blackjack Extreme Live Gaming Blackjack NetEnt Blackjack.

And a little video action…. More live blackjack pages you may find helpful… Blackjack tutorial Live blackjack card counting Live blackjack house edge Live blackjack bet limits Wiki Live blackjack strategy card — no excuse Live blackjack side bets — worth the bet?

Same rules as regular floor tables. The VIP live blackjack offers higher limits than the lounge regular limit tables. Currently available peak times GMT only. My boyfriend and I were in front of the 24 hour Smile Convenience Mart on the corner of St and Monivong St when a really kind and cute man struck up a conversation with us about where we were from etc.

We have been travelling around SE Asia for two months and I thought we were pretty good with avoiding scams but obviously not. After telling us he was on holiday in Cambodia visiting his brother who married a Cambodian, he said his 21 year old daughter was traveling to Auckland New Zealand our home town to study engineering.

His story was perfect and he was so friendly and disarming. He explained his wife was terrified that their only daughter was moving away and could we speak to her to calm her down and let them know local information - that he would be honoured to take us to lunch. We thought he would bring his family to meet us in the city, but soon called his wife and told her to make us some food because we were special visitors.

We felt obliged because he had already called. He dashed away to get a tuk-tuk saying for us not to follow him because they would change us more because we are westerners. We felt a bit weird riding off with him but he just kept talking and talking and being so specific we had no time to talk between us.

Each time I tried to talk to my boyfriend the man kept interrupting us to ask us questions about Auckland rent prices, weather etc etc. We drove for a while, with him taking some wrong turns most likely to confuse us as to where we were and he was laughing and joking like we were old friends. Finally we arrived at a small surburban street off st in a nice neighborhood. We went through a huge gate to be greeted by his 'sister in law' a lady in her early sixties wearing a red patterned pant suit and had dyed red hair.

She instantly offered us some drinks while we sat in her nice living room. The man told us he was a croupier on a cruise Ship called the Virgo Princess that went around Asia only they even had a picture of the ship on the wall or the house. He explained he worked in the VIP gambling lounge and knew how to control the cards to see who would win. As we sipped our tea, a meal of rice, prawns, vegetables and squid was served which they hurried us to eat. And as im writing this a few hours later, i feel a bit strange still.

His younger sister came in and chatted to us very happily as well about working for Tourism Thailand and was based out of Bangkok , but they were all originally from Chiang mai. Her excuse not to eat was she was on a diet, and the man told us he had already eaten, but he kept asking us to eat more and have more chilli etc.

At the table we told them we wanted a picture with them, but they avoided it by saying they would ruin the picture, we'll take one after etc. They then told us that the daughter we were going to meet was at the hospital with his wife, because she had heart problems grrrrr as Im writing this it seems sssssoooo stupid, but honestly they were so disarming and had their story water tight.

After eating he asked us to come upstairs so he could show us how to play Black Jack. We followed, not wanting to offend. There was a table set up with cards and he showed us how he could read the cards by where they were in the deck and that was how he could assure which people would win or not. As he showed us, they must have noticed we were really not interested at all because suddenly he says 'Oh my I must go and see my wife at the hospital, she has not come home yet.

We were so confused, but some googling soon showed us how dumb we had been and how lucky we were to get away without anything being stolen or got roped into card games for cash.

We have learnt a very valuable lesson and were very lucky to get away, so please learn from our stupidity. Here is a good scam site to get you started those of you who are just tuning in and are about to head to Southeast Asia on holiday -. Maneki - if one doesn't speak with complete strangers while traveling, one will never meet a single soul! Andy - similar scam is being played out in HCMC lately - glad all ended well for you.

Yes Andy, you were lucky. It is ok to talk to strangers but alarm bells should ring whenever somebody gets too friendly or asks you to follow them somewhere, whatever the story. And never, never get into the same vehicle as the stranger. I always tell my kids, it is ok to turn down an offer whatever that may be and offend a stranger if one does not feel comfortable in a situation. Lynn, I think you know what I mean. People coming up being overly friendly with you on the street, you just have to watch it.

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