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Hands Payout Royal flush Professional dealers handle all of the action and will greet each player when they sit down at the table. Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties. That's simply because there are fewer ways to make a three card Straight than a three card Flush. Send chat messages via the in-game display and you can hear the dealer respond in high quality audio through your speakers. A straight will pay 1: Astro Roulette Astro Roulette.

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Rules and Strategy

The dealer will then give the player three cards and themselves three cards. The player must choose to either fold or raise their Ante bet.

If they fold, they lose their bet. If they raise, they must make an additional bet known as a Play bet , equal to the original Ante bet. After this, the dealer will then turn over his cards. In order to qualify, the dealer will need to have a Queen High or better.

If the dealer does get an Queen High or better and qualify, the two hands go head-to-head. Whomever has the highest ranking poker hand, wins. If it is the player who wins, they will win even money on both the Ante and Play bet. If the dealer wins, the player loses both their Ante and Play bets.

If the result of the match is a tie, the bets will push. The player basically decides to place a side-bet that their three card hand will contain at least a pair, before play commences. If it does, the player is rewarded for their hand based on a pay-table especially designed for Pair Plus bets.

It is also possible just to play with the Pair Plus game. When you do this, you can opt to not to place an Ante bet. You are simply wagering on whether or not your three card hand as a pair or better in it. He can make just an Ante bet, or he can also make a Pairs Plus bet.

If he does not want to make an Ante bet, he can make just a Pairs Plus bet. The player can make either bet for an amount of his choosing. When the game begins, the player receives his three cards face-up while the dealer gets his three face- down. At this point, the Dealer's cards will be revealed. The dealer must have at least a Queen-high to qualify. If he doesn't, the Player's Ante bet pays even money and his Play bet is returned. If the dealer does qualify, his hand will be compared to the Player, who will receive even money on both his Ante and Play bets if he wins.

There are special bonus payoffs offered for the Ante bet. A Straight Flush pays a bonus, Three-of-a-kind pays and a Straight has an extra even money payoff.

Those bonuses will be paid even if the Dealer has a better hand. The Pairs Plus payoffs are even money for a pair, for a Flush and for a Straight. It's easy to play, has a relatively low house edge and most importantly, allows for big wins and fast action. This page covers everything you need to know about this player favorite. To get started simply click the links below to jump straight to the section you want to visit.

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Could life get any better? Try it out now and enjoy. If you have any issue with this game please write us to info vegasslotsonline. Please be as much descriptive as possible and include details such as Browser type Chrome, Firefox, Webb had a vision for the game that combined the speed of regular casino games with the excitement that poker elicited. It was important for him to get threee factors correct for the game to be successful: The game started out as a licensed casino game that fast became so popular among casino players that some casinos began offering it under a different name to avoid paying the royalties.