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You can try to beat him but, I would hit refresh and hope for one of the others. Share your rating with your friends! Check your ego at the door. Click Mouse to shoot the white ball or to place the white ball. By using this site, you consent to this use. The circular Cue Control also known as English Control to the left of the table has a cross target in the middle. Bet Limit - Min:

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The most popular billiard games played around the world: Moving the Cue and Shooting. The cue can be moved and rotated via the left mouse button or arrow keys. Once you satisfied with the direction and power of the cue, you are ready to strike the ball.

To strike the cue ball the all-white ball , the cue must be pulled back with right mouse button or with the power slide control accessible with the left mouse button. There are several ways to strike the ball: If you used the right mouse button for pulling back the cue, the easiest way to hit will be by releasing this right mouse button.

If you used the power slider control, to strike the ball use double click on the slider or press and hold the space bar. The power of the strike depends on how far the cue is pulled back -- the farther, the greater the power.

When the cue is ready to strike the cue ball, the object balls directly along the line of the strike are shown with white or red hilite. Object balls with white hilite represent the legal balls to strike. The direction of the hilite corresponds to the initial direction the object balls if they do not hit any obstacles along the way. The circular Cue Control also known as English Control to the left of the table has a cross target in the middle.

It can be used to change the direction the cue ball is hit. For example, the cross target can be moved from the center default to the side of the cue control such that the cue would strike the cue ball with a spin. The 1st player who starts breaks the rack to start a game is determined randomly.

The break will then alternate between players in future games at the same table, regardless of who won that last game. The player who breaks must strike the rack with the cue ball. Otherwise, the break becomes illegal and the turn switches to the opponent. Any balls pocketed on the break remain pocketed. If during a break the player pockets a ball, other than the 8-ball or cue ball, the same turn continues. If no balls are pocketed on the break, the turn switches to the next player.

Regardless of whether a ball is pocketed or not on the break, the table is still considered "open" i. Choice of Solids or Stripes: The choice of stripes or solids is not determined on the break. The choice is determined only when a player legally pockets the first ball after a break.

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