8 Best $4000-$6000 Heavy-Duty Zero Turn Mowers For Homeowners

Husqvarna Rz 46" Z-turn Mower: However, there is a third option — hydrostatic. When researching, make sure that you read about the maneuverability and interface of the mower. Zero-turn mowers are the choice of commercial lawn care specialists everywhere, due to their high maneuverability, ease of use and high top speeds. Before we talk about the machine you'll use to cut the grass, let's talk about the process of growing healthy grass and about a few reasons why people consider these machines for cutting said grass.

Traditional Ride-on Mowers vs. Zero Turn Mowers

What Is a Zero Turn Mower?

When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work. Skip to the best zero turn mower on Amazon. Video Review Resources Ebay Jet. The Troy-Bilt Mustang offers a smooth ride, thanks to the dual suspension springs underneath its high-backed seat. Its two-way adjustable lap bars accommodate operators of all sizes, and they will also automatically engage the mower's parking brake when you stand up.

Comfortably angled footrest Lifetime warranty on the frame Wheels have a tendency to slip. The Ariens Zoom 34 is ideal for medium-sized lawns. Its horsepower motor is strong enough to push up moderate inclines and hack through tough vegetation, but not so large as to needlessly waste fuel.

The machine is also easy to maneuver around obstacles. Integrated wash-out port Seat provides good back support Pricey for its size.

Brand Ariens Model Weight pending Rating 4. The Spartan RZ Pro is a commercial-quality model that features a simple push-start keypad, meaning you never have to worry about a careless employee losing the keys. An LED display shows you all the pertinent information you need at a glance while you operate it. Exceptional incline traction Foot-assisted lifting deck Soft-riding radial tires. This item has been flagged for editorial review and is not available. The John Deere ZM is just as sturdy and reliable as all of this brand's products, so you can rest easy that it will last through years of use.

The HP V-twin motor can easily propel it up inclines where other models would struggle. Deep-tread inch rear wheels Can run for hours on one tank of gas Armrests flip up and down smoothly. With a inch deck, the Ariens Ikon-XL makes short work of even the largest yards, so it is definitely a smart choice for lawn care companies when time equals money. Plus, its well-padded armrests and seat will keep you comfortable all day long.

Setting the Husqvarna Z Series apart from the competition is its use of air induction technology to draw air from both the top and bottom of its deck. This action maximizes its ability to lift large amounts of grass, while also improving your overall cutting efficiency. Helpful led headlights Oversized cooling fan Auto releasing parking brake. Brand Husqvarna Model Weight pounds Rating 4. Thanks to its low center of gravity, reliable Hydro Gear transmission, welded steel frame, and rapid response control system, the Swisher ZTR ensures superior performance and maneuverability across almost any lawn, regardless of its size.

Travels at speeds up to 8 mph Built-in cupholder Made in the usa. It's inch deck is vented for optimal airflow and features a welded in reinforcement bar to ensure its longevity and durability.

Anti-scalp rollers keep the blades cutting grass, not the dirt. Other bonuses include automatic parking brake and a rear engine guard, and integrated headlights let you work later. Featuring an adjustable cutting height and a two-blade deck for a high-quality cut, the Bradley mower gives great results. The optional mulching kit removes the need to bag or rake up clippings, and the horsepower electric-start Kawasaki engine turns out steady, reliable performance. A dual hydrostatic drive system gives great speed and maneuverability.

Putting the controls below the seat gives you a good view of the wheels and cutting deck, which is ideal for tight spaces and fine handling. The mower comes fully assembled; just gas and go. Z-Beast FXV 62 in. This is the burliest mower on this list, and when you need the power for big, tough jobs, this is the mower you need.

The Z-Beast features a floating cutting deck, seat belt, roll bar, cup holder and big rear tires for on-stop traction. Roll this unstoppable mower off your trailer and make quick work of any job. It also features 2 anti-scalp wheels in the front that helps to minimize damage to your lawn. Do you have a while to drive the mower before you actually get to where you want to start mowing?

This makes it super easy to switch the engagement of the blade. This is a small but thoughtful feature that will help keep your mower in pristine condition and will save you money and headaches later on down the road. This is an easy, fun mower to operate. This is a commercial grade mower that can easily be used in residential settings. But with that comes some peace of mind. And while the seat in the last mower was fairly uncomfortable, this one has a 15 inch high seat back that also includes spring suspension.

This will definitely lessen the blow of any bumps or hills that you go over and make it much more comfortable to use. Overall this mower is definitely a bit pricier, but since everything is of commercial grade, if you live in a place with a lot of obstacles and debris the extra money can be worth the piece of mind. It will also save you money on repairs down the line.

Everything operates smoothly and the interface is extremely intuitive. Both of these mowers are testaments to the high standards that Poulan holds itself to. If you have a smaller lawn and want to save a couple hundred dollars, then this could be a good alternative to the Poulan Pro While the blade is a bit smaller, the size is the same. This weighs almost exactly the same as the first Poulan mower. The first mower was 24 HP but this one is only 22 HP.

It also features Hydro gear EZT transmission making it extremely easy to maneuver. We also almost forgot to mention that the stamped reinforced deck even comes with a 10 year warranty. That kind of warranty really lets you know that a manufacturer stands behind its product.

While you might lose a little bit of HP and a few inches from the blade, you are going to save a bit of money. You can easily take that money and use it for the professional assembly offered through Amazon, and then still end up saving a bit of extra money.

As we mentioned, it has a hydro gear EZT transmission which makes this mower extremely easy to maneuver. You have precise control over each wheel and you can actually operate each wheel independently either forward, back, left, or right — all just by moving your arms forward or back.

Not a bad deal. Because it is so easy to maneuver, this mower can easily cut your mowing time in half. Like we mentioned with the previous Poulan, this also will put less wear and tear on your engine. The wheels on this mower are also of extremely high quality and will do wonders for your yard. Even in wet weather or going down a steep incline, these wheels will barely do any damage to your yard. The rear tires are 18 inches and the front ones are 11 inches which is a great ratio that will get you up any incline swiftly and safely.

The castor wheels are extremely durable and well made and will leave your lawn looking fresh, even, and bright green. The clutch blade is also within easy reach giving you quick and simple access making it extremely simple to engage. With a smaller mower you would expect the tank to be much smaller, right? This can easily go over small debris and you can quickly, easily, and safely maneuver around trees, bushes, and anything else that may be in your yard.

Another great thing about this Poulan Pro is consistency. Even if you let your grass grow a little longer than usual or if the grass is a little wet, your lawn will come out looking crisp and fresh. You can do it easily and conveniently from the comfort of your seat without having to stop or turn off the mower.

This may not be a huge deal to everyone, but if your lawn requires you to cut it to variable heights, this is definitely something that can be to your advantage. You do also lose a bit of speed — the cuts at about 2. Another thing to note is that it also comes very nicely packaged. Since you are saving money with this model, we highly recommend going for the professional assembly offered by Amazon.

The first is maneuverability. When researching, make sure that you read about the maneuverability and interface of the mower. Is it easy to learn? Are the controls intuitive? The second factor that really helps to shave minutes if not hours off your mowing time, is the size of the cutting deck.

When you put it that way, the size of the cutting deck really starts to matter. Well as you can imagine with all that leading information, the Husqvarna MZ61 has one of the largest cutting decks on our list and possibly on the market at 61 inches! So if using the Poulan your yard take six hours, you could get it down to four hours buy getting a mower with a larger cutting deck. Two hours of your life back every time you mow your lawn can really add up.

Sounds like a win-win situation. It also features one of the most powerful engines at 27 HP. It also has a hydrostatic gear transmission which brings us to our other point — maneuverability.

As far as the cutting system, it features a three blade cutting system while a two blade cutting system is typical of zero turn mowers in this category. This allows you to not only cut through even thicker grass, but it also provides you with a more even and consistent cut every single time you mow. While these features are not included, the deck is in fact capable of both mulch and collection if you decide that you do want to add those later on down the line.

Husqvarna offers high-quality bags and munchers that are easy to install as well. If you have a yard with a lot of trees, it also does a surprisingly good job at cutting and processing those leaves without slowing you down or causing an uneven cut on your lawn. The cutting radius is huge, it has a ton of power, and can easily take a 10 hour job with your typical riding mower and turn it into a 4 hour job.

If you have a giant field to mow or are going to be using this for business purposes, it will make you extremely efficient saving you both time and money. The only thing we would caution about is the handling when going downhill and going around turns. And if you add the optional bagging and mulching, you can save yourself even more time giving you the ability to make even more money.

But if you just take a little bit of time to master the steering, then you should be good to go without damaging your lawn whatsoever. So we say if you have the cash to splash, go for the Husqvarna MZ One of the amazing features with this mower is that it actually comes with a three year limited warranty which in itself is a pretty decent warranty, especially on such a heavy piece of equipment that withstands a lot of wear and tear.

In addition to the three year warranty on the actual mower, the frame comes with a lifetime warranty! In this case however, they more than stack up. The width of the blade is definitely a bit smaller compared to the rest on our list. This gives you fast and easy blade engagement. Literally all you have to do to get started is press a button and the blades are automatically engaged.

This makes it super easy to get started on your lawn. It features a dual blade cutting system with a side discharge deck and also an integrated premium deck wash. So instead of having to manually clean out your mower, it features an attachment where all you have to do is screw in your normal garden hose, turn it on, and the water pressure will do the rest for you. The seat is also extremely comfortable on this mower — more so than a lot of the other ones.

Best Budget Zero Turn Mowers