5 Tips To Maximize Your Comps When Playing Blackjack

It's fun to use Stanford Wong's Blackjack Count Analyzer software program to discover those that cost you only a few dollars in expectation for hundreds of dollars worth of cover. You should be able to win at least a piece of a big bet before they take your picture, post it in the security office, give it to Griffin, pass it around to other casinos, bar you for life and terminate your comps. It's a dead giveaway that you're up to something. If he's squirming like the snake that he is, he's a spotter. It's a dead giveaway.

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Comp Counters Who Count Cards

Tips are shared not only with dealers but with just about everyone in the casino including "suits" and "managers". I've read on other forums that casinos are very stingy with comps for blackjack at the current time I don't play BJ any more so I'm not sure if that is correct. Dec 28, Threads: Thanks for this post from: July 24th, at Dec 31, Threads: July 27th, at 3: Never bring out chips when buying in.

Cash buyins get recorded, chips sometimes not. Rathole green chips, never black. Black chips are inventoried, but green not so much. I will usually rathole any green that I get paid so that the amount of green I have showing equals what I got when I bought in.

Palm those chips when the relief dealer comes or goes, and when the floor is somewhere else. If you need to rebuy and don't have enough cash to garner the attention of the floor, take those ratholed chips to the cage and bring back the cash.

Of course you always bring enough cash to avoid running out. Make a point of wailing about your bad luck and needing to dig into the cash for more chips.

Again, large enough so that the floor can see. And don't we all, always, never play chips we "never intended to play? Many dealers don't gamble based on what they see in their daily work and would rather pocket a sure tip. Compliment them on their choice, whichever it is.

Good relations with the dealer cannot hurt. Always color up when leaving the table for good, without being asked, and, if possible, at the end of the shoe.

Again, common courtesy and drawing the floor over to your table at a logical break in the action. Give the dealer a stack that works out to an exact number of black and green chips oh yes, and purples too! Nothing to see here! These helpful hints are from a longtime low-roller who is in it for the points. People playing at other than the lowest limit in the house may offer other advice. Jan 15, Threads: July 27th, at 4: I said I had a theoretical degree in physics.

They said welcome aboard. Aug 15, Threads: July 27th, at Jun 15, Threads: July 28th, at Nov 2, Threads: July 28th, at 9: It's what you do and not what you say If you're not part of the future then get out of the way. Jul 22, Threads: July 31st, at Sep 26, Threads: If you forget to check before visiting the casino just ask a dealer, pit boss or players club staff. The best blackjack games can have a minuscule house edge if you play with perfect basic strategy.

If you can count cards you may even be able to give yourself an advantage. Not only do you increase your chance of making money by playing good blackjack games but you can also play longer. The lower the house edge is, the longer your bankroll should last. Since you are rewarded based on time played the best blackjack rules should reward the player more.

The Cromwell now offers affordable 3: Meanwhile, Caesars Palace is just across the street and has plenty of atrocious 6: Playing blackjack games with a low house edge is just one way to extend your gambling time. Blackjack players are resourceful and look for other ways to increase their time in the game.

A few slow visits to the restroom is one way to add a time to a session of blackjack. This can also add a few more minutes to a session. These are just a couple of sly examples. There are more ways to slow down play to extend a blackjack session. However, adding a few extra minutes can certainly increase the time allotted for a session and add a few players club points. Unlike machines games, the table games are monitored, in part, by eye. If your vary bet sizes this can be almost impossible for a pit boss to track.

When you complete a session just ask the pit boss for your rating.

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