Riot Season 3 Championship Series/North America/Qualifiers/Ranked 5v5 Rosters

This startup invented a tool that's now used by 10 million users. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. This guide is intended for max level players interested in learning how to improve their ELO. How To Escape Elo Hell. Keep an eye on your health.

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Understand the different types of champions. Different champions are suited to different roles. There are six main types of champion in the game: Low health, low defense, high damage. Marksman or ADC - Ranged, non-magic attacks. Tank - Melee attacks. High health, high defense, low damage. Fighter - Melee attacks. Balanced health, defense, and damage. Supporter - Varying attacks and stats.

Focused on non-combat roles, such as supportive spell-casting. Assassin - Varying attacks. Low health, low defense, high mobility, and high damage. Know how to win. You win by destroying the other team's Nexus. Winning in League of Legends isn't contingent on getting more kills than the other team; objective control and execution is the main strategy used to win LoL games, meaning that a successful player might only kill a few champions while controlling points on the map or focusing on farming the AI enemies for XP points, gold, and bonuses.

Use minions to your advantage. Killing a minion rewards you with gold, which can then be spent back at your team's Store near the Nexus to redeem weapons and consumable items.

A vital component of League of Legends is resource denial, which entails killing minions while preventing champions from the other team from killing your team's minions.

This will allow you to level up while they remain at a low level. Prioritize structure destruction over champion kills. Destroying enemy turrets and inhibitors will weaken your enemies' defenses, making it easier for you to access and destroy their Nexus. It may seem like going after champions is helpful to your team—and in some cases, it is—but the main initial goal should be to eliminate as many structures as possible.

Destroying an enemy inhibitor will also prompt your inhibitors to spawn super minions, which are high-health, high-damage AI units that can distract the enemy team for quite some time. Support your team with items and buffs. Things like Wards, which increase the distance that your team can see, help your team gain an advantage over the enemy.

Similarly, if you have non-offensive abilities that buff your team, using these abilities to support teammates is key. Killing any jungle monster will reward your whole team with a buff, though the buff will vary depending on the monster.

For example, killing the giant toad monster will apply poison damage to all of your teammates' attacks for a limited time. Keep an eye on your health. If you have healing items, you can heal yourself if your health gets too low during a fight, or if your health is almost depleted following a fight.

If you don't have healing items, you may need to teleport back to the spawning area once you're safe. This is typically accomplished by pressing the B key. Communicate with your team. There's a chatbar in-game that allows you to tell your team mates where an enemy champion is and what they're doing.

While you don't need to update your team on every minor occurrence, make sure that you're paying attention to the normal aspects of the battle and reporting any irregular instances. Keep your communications positive and clean. Negativity and bad language are generally against the League of Legends code of conduct. Perhaps the most important aspect of any multiplayer game is playing your selected character's role.

If you're a marksman champion, for example, it doesn't help your team for you to try taking on tank champions at point-blank range. Similarly, tank characters should stick to lanes or places on the map in which they can deny resources to the enemy team rather than trying to go on a rampage. There are very few points in LoL gameplay in which you'll be the sole reason that your team won.

Playing your role and sticking to your objective while everyone else does the same is the best way to ensure victory. League of Legends uses standard RTS real-time strategy controls: Right-click a location to move to it.

Right-click an enemy to attack it. Press Q , W , E , or R to select an ability or spell. Press B to teleport home. Make sure that the League window is open. You should be logged into League of Legends at this point. If you were signed out earlier, sign back in by entering your username and password in the upper-right side of the launcher window. It's in the upper-left corner of the window.

This is the map that most League of Legends players, from professional to casual, frequent. It's at the bottom of the window. Instead, players choose upgrades to their abilities as they level up, allowing them to focus on utility, hardiness, or damage.

Each hero also features two ultimate abilities, of which only one can be activated during a single match. Also, unlike its competition, Heroes hosts a variety of maps which feature unique objectives that can turn the tide of battle. One sees players fight for dominance of temples that fire lasers at opposing fortifications, another asks each team to collect plants that spawn a giant controllable flower monster.

Games are also significantly shorter, generally clocking in at the minute mark. However, what is sacrificed in depth is made up for in sheer polish. League of Legends or LoL to its many, many friends is the big daddy of the genre, and by far the most popular game in the world.

League of Legends boasts hundreds of millions of unique players every month of the year, and has become the vanguard of esports. Matches across the three lanes last between minutes. For most players, League of Legends strikes the perfect balance between tactical play and twitch skills for an experience in which anyone can find their niche.

Despite that prestigious title, its player numbers pale in comparison to League of Legends. Yet a strong 13 million players per month secures it second place in the MOBA race. The Dota 2 esports scene is thriving, particularly in the West where the yearly International world finals gathers a multi-million dollar prize pool.

Dota 2 follows the same formula as League of Legends — you still start by choosing one of the best Dota 2 heroes, and 5v5 battles takes place on a three-lane map — but Valve have added layers of complexity. Players can also ship items to themselves across the map using a courier instead of having to return to their base. Its sizeable roster of heroes and deep tactical experience are bound to suck in those with the patience to persevere. What is Jungler in League of Legends?

What is the League of Legends? What is the fastest ways to get Hextech keys in League of Legends? Which League of Legends skill would be the hardest to land in real life? Updated Aug 9, We're playing at diamond elo 3v3 with mainly this comp: Rek'sai Morgana Jayce Strong catch cc and peel. Rek'sai brings so much utilities with his passive and tunnel. Morg bring the sufficient cc to kill after one Jayce poke. We only struggle against triple tank based team.

There's no such this because of how the game works there is always a way to counter the strategy the opponent is using. Not the perfect one but an interesting one: Swain, Ziggs, and Pantheon. Would love to see that: Get started in cybersecurity and learn the basics to land a job. Introduction to Cybersecurity online course is 1: Download the syllabus now.

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