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We are a software company first and foremost, but over the years we accumulated a wealth of knowledge about how online casinos work and what the iGaming industry is about. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The casino site and information that we present are from companies from which Casinopedia. A well-planned strategy involving these 2 constituents is something any casino strives for. Issuing complementary gifts is the main way casinos will try to level the two metrics. You can calculate this KPI using a simple formula: This entry was posted in Home and tagged casino , casino promotions , conversion , crm , egaming , gaming , hybrid , hybrid interaction , igaming , interaction , loyalty , loyalty club , online , online casino , online casino conversion , online casino promotions , online casino retention , online casino retention strategy , online casino VIP , online casinos , online gambling , online poker , online poker conversion , online poker promotions , online poker retention , online poker VIP , player conversion , player development , player retention , poker , poker promotions , retention , social casino , social casino games , social casino gaming , social poker , social poker games , social poker gaming , strategy , Thomas , VIP.

Key performance indicators: what are they and what are they for?

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The study concluded that companies sponsoring loyalty programs were just using them to deliver general discounts and perks to the mass of member-customers, ignoring the profiles within the database which would help provide more targeted and relevant communication and stronger value perception among program members.

In this regard, it seems as if we are doing ok. This basically means that loyalty programs should pay more attention to social factors. That said, in terms of accessibility, it seems that at the moment most of the non-bingo-like operations simply use social media as another advertisement channel, with nothing more to it.

Programs need not only to understand why and how brand-related informal communication is taking place, they need to actively consider incentivizing members to engage in this kind of dialogue.

When members interact through their various connections, this generates a tremendous amount of data from within their social sphere; and these valuable insights can be leveraged to drive both marketing and loyalty program efforts.

Which means that we are in agreement, yet we also have very important point to highlight: So what do we do? Rewards programs are opt-in, and companies need to be more integrated across all brand access channels, mobile applications, and point-of-sale systems, as well as social networks. Probably less relevant to us, as we collect all the data all the time about our players.

What do we do with it? In a recent post we have talked about Predictive Analytics. How many of you are already suing such a tool? The FLOW system monitors all casino activity and takes appropriate automated action based on the configured processes — with the ability to escalate tasks to appropriate human team members where appropriate.

The Genii platform integrates with Facebook to incorporate social networking into the gaming experience. Players can sign on to Genii casinos using their Facebook accounts via Facebook Connect from both the web and mobile platforms. Genii games are also deployable as Facebook Apps, for play within facebook. Genii is suitably prepared to deliver its unique products to any online casino internationally. Products Cutting edge technology and intelligence across all products.

Availabe Products at Genii. Cashier The Genii cashier maximises usability and functionality to achieve player and operator financial goals. Bonus System The bonus system is seamlessly integrated into the Genii, all games and the Cashier system. Your players might be burning through their cash faster than they should.

Your company should have a strategic definition of the desired loyalty levels, and if there is no risk of missing them, then you can indeed have the rest of the day off. NGR is of course your GGR, deducted from all costs, which is essentially the house advantage multiplied by the sum of funds wagered.

In fact, most of your non-deposit promotions aim to increase the volume of activity in your brand i. Occasionally you might hear people in your company getting excited about a day that had a very high volume of bets, or a deal with an affiliate whose players have large deposit sums.

Putting aside the amazing employment terms and the supportive working atmosphere oh, and your dreams as well , you are there to make money for your company.

Anything that counts must contain some kind of a reference to the bottom line, and as such NGR is the monarch king, and LTV is his prophet. All other parameters are secondary and logistical at best. Do you want to show off with your Christmas promo offering? Submit your campaign and we will be happy to interview you and publish the discussion.

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What is a ‘KPI’?