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Read Our Blog RoadRageous. Please repair all divots, ball marks on greens and rake sand bunkers. Oneida and American soldiers fought a critical battle together during the revolutionary War against the British just east of her at Oriskany. The nationally-recognized AAA Defensive Driving course is designed to provide the latest safety information and tips regarding traffic laws and basic rules of the road. Life is full of choices.

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The creation of waterways in Oneida legend reveals the inherent duality of nature. The benevolent brother creates rivers that flow both ways but his twin laments the ease with which humans will travel and causes the rivers to flow in one direction only. At this point in your journey you enter a stand of trees. According to Iroquois custom, when emissaries from other nations neared a meeting place at another village, they were met by the principal chief of the inviting nation at the place where the forest opened onto the village.

This ritual, known as the "Welcome at the Wood's Edge", included the kindling of a fire, a pipe was lit and passed around, and the chief delivered a formal welcoming address. Throughout history the Oneida Nation and its Iroquois brethren have been faithful custodians of their natural resources - such as the Beech, cherry and maple trees found in the wooded area.

The willingness to share these valuable treasures demonstrates their unparalleled tradition of hospitality and generosity of spirit. As you draw on reserves of bravery at this challenging par five, take a moment to absorb the diverse surroundings. Among these hardwoods and wetlands, Oneida warriors of old braved their own challenges to survive along side their brothers, the fox, raccoons, rabbits, and deer that continue to thrive here today.

This open meadow calls to mind the vast farmlands that were once an important part of Oneida life. Corn, beans and squash were such important staples in the Iroquois diet that they are called the Three Sister. The Oneida revered their womenfolk for the important role they played in planting, tending and preparing these crops.

The close ties that exist between the Iroquois and the land on which they live have led to their deeply spiritual nature throughout history. Oneida and American soldiers fought a critical battle together during the revolutionary War against the British just east of her at Oriskany. Listen carefully and you may hear the spirits of long-ago warriors whispering among the native grasses.

Life is full of choices. At this hole, players must choose their destiny: The Oneida nation faced a difficult choice of another kind at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. Although many of their Iroquois brethren sided with the British, the Oneidas chose to support the colonists. So near, yet at the same time so far away. This may appear to be short hole, but the elevated green makes this hole more challenging than it may fist seem.

The dual nature of this par four is reminiscent of the Oneida perspective in which the universe manifests both creative and destructive forces. This would be a good place in your journey to recall that accuracy and strategy may help you reach an uncertain, until the future awaiting the Oneida nation at the end of the Revolutionary War seemed rather uncertain, until the Oneidas became the first of New York State's native people to begin rebuilding their long-lost homelands.

Beech, Maple and Hickory are some of the towering trees through which a straight shot is key here. Oneidas used the wood of the hickory tree to fashion sticks for playing lacrosse, a team sport that has been apart of Iroquois culture for centuries. In addition to imparting the quickness, stamina and strength men would need for hunting and war, the sport of lacrosse was a gift of the creator and was used to settle communal disputes, appeal to the spirits, and even to heal the sick.

The name for this hole refers to the large pond along their fairway. It also happens to be the English equivalent of the expression that Oneidas once used to refer to the Atlantic Ocean. Big water might also describe the world, prior to the spontaneous expansion of earth in the Oneida creation story. This par four features a handsome stand of Hemlock trees and is perhaps more challenging than it looks.

Having lived past yeas old, chief Shenandoah is said to have compared himself to an aged hemlock tree through whose branches a hundred winters had whistled. The peaceful surroundings at this tee reflect a commitment made by all nations of the Iroquois to live their lives in harmony with all the earth. A turning point in the history of peace among several northeastern tribes began with the creation of the League of the Iroquois in the s, an alliance among five and later six Iroquois nations.

The name of this hole refers to the boundary between the Sky-world of Oneida legend and our own, and hints at the view players will have when they reach the plateau overlooking the green with trees on the left and wetlands to the right.

Snapping Turtles are one of the animal that inhabit the area around this tee. In the Oneida creation story Turtle plays an important role, as the creature deemed strong enough to support the woman who feel to earth from the sky.

Haudenosaunee legend has said that the sections visible on the turtle's carapace represent the thirteen months of a lunar calendar, providing a link between the spiritual and physical worlds. Oneidas have traditionally boiled the legendary syrup and maple products from the sappy of the Sugar Maple, which are the trees you see here. In the Oneida worldview, nothing in nature truly ends. This par four marks the end of one journey, but also the beginning of another. Bring that special someone to Skana The Spa at Turning Stone and enjoy side by side treatments in any combination designed by you.

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For more information please call Plus, our all new indoor golf short game area is now open! For reservations and all golf information, please call Some people could really use a defensive driving course, I thought, as I was driving home from the class and watched someone speed their way down a one-way side street.

The moment only solidified what the instructor had been stressing the whole time — that being a good driver is not just about your own safety but the safety of others, and that awareness of your own actions is just as important as being alert to what is happening around you.

And the knowledge that you walk away with — both new and refreshed — will help to keep the roads a little bit safer for everyone. Whether you take it for the insurance benefit, point reduction or simply because you want to feel safer on the road, the principles taught in the AAA Defensive Driving course are valuable for every driver.

The course is especially encouraged for teen drivers and senior drivers, who are both more likely to be in a crash. It is open to everyone, although AAA members are charged a lower fee. What area of driving do you think is the most important to brush up on? Tell us in the comments below! Learn more about the courses and benefits in your state and to enroll. Click here to cancel reply. You must log in to post a comment.

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