Are Online Casinos Rigged?

But one thing to remember trust only to those casino sites which you think is good. After all, once a problem already presents itself, it is too late to question. In casinos, top-paying machines are often tamper-proofed with videos trained on the machines at all times. Twin Spin Released on: On this page I cover many of the common cheating claims, show you a few ways that cheating could actually occur, a few real issues online blackjack players may face, and discuss a few individual casinos. The ones that seemingly have nothing to be ashamed of?

The House Edge in Roulette Could Be Considered “Rigged”

How It Could Happen

What you never see is anyone that has actually tracked the hundreds of thousands of hands needed to make a real determination of blackjack cheating. I believe there are two reasons for this. The first reason is the general player is too lazy to actually do the work required to track that many hands. The second reason is if anyone does track the hands they find out that the games are in actuality fair so they stop complaining.

The easiest way for an online casino to rig a live dealer blackjack game is by removing some aces or face cards from the shoe. But a player who took the time to track enough hands would be able to see it in the statistics eventually. The only other feasible way is to use a stacked shoe, but the problem with this is in most games they have no way of knowing for sure how many seats will be filled at any time throughout the shoe.

If an online casino or blackjack game is caught cheating it will cost the company millions of dollars, even if they can stay in business. The news of a casino caught cheating will spread like wildfire through the Internet community and players will never trust the casino again. Even the blackjack games that have the lowest house edge have a half percent edge over the player. And the only way a player can play at the lowest house edge is by playing perfect strategy.

Remember this example just covers live dealer play. While some live dealers can deal more than 50 hands per hour, if you play on one of the software driven blackjack games you can easily play hands per hour or more.

The other thing that most online blackjack players do is keep playing until they lose their entire deposit. Most players who have a decent run and get ahead at the blackjack tables keep playing and eventually the percentages catch up with them. The bottom line is the casinos have no reason to cheat online blackjack players. We have no reason to alter the game in anyway. All you need to do is walk down the strip in Vegas and you have all the proof you need that offering a fair and honest game of Blackjack is just simply good business.

These questions include the following. A few real problems blackjack players face is the ability to get money into and out of online casinos. Each Casino reserves the right to cancel or change promotions at any time.

One of the biggest fears casino players have is being cheated by the casino. The only question I get more than is online blackjack rigged is if online poker is rigged? While they can not be truly random, since they are a product of human design, they are as near to random as is possible, and will still provide the given house edge thanks to play testing over millions of spins. This difference can cause players to trust online games less than they do physical ones.

Without actually seeing the game play out in front of them, players must have faith that the computer processor is doing right by them. It would be easy for a dishonest operator to adapt the RNG system so it took much more from the player than it paid out, and to provide games that guaranteed the player would lose. But are these rigged games really that common — and what can you do to prevent getting taken in by one? In regions where gambling is legal, there will be an authority responsible for licensing and regulating the industry.

These agencies are tasked with protecting players, and also the casino industry. Where relevant, these authorities also oversee online gaming services. If a casino operator is licensed by the appropriate regulator, they will carry a seal of approval in the form of a check mark, logo or other symbol.

Any casino displaying this sign without holding the correct license will face legal action and be banned from operating in that jurisdiction. For added safety, a list of licensed operators is usually available from the regulator, or published online. As well as the licensed casino site you visit to play, make sure that the games you choose are run by a trusted software team who are also licensed and approved. Most online casinos do not develop and run the games themselves — they simply host content from third parties.

However, a licensed operator is required to ensure that they only use trustworthy game providers. These companies — and many more — provide content for top casino brands on the web. Like all businesses within the gambling industry, regulation is strict and developers must ensure their games are fair and honest — their reputation depends on it. If your favorite casino provides games from a licensed developer, you can be sure they are safe to play. Unfortunately, or fortunately, games will always have streaks like this — it is just probability in action.

In order to play safely online, you need to chose a reputable site offering reputable games.

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