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Fine Tune Your Blackjack Skills


Times have changed a lot, as tournament players have become much more sophisticated. Once lots of players began mimicking this timid approach, its effectiveness declined sharply.

In current play, I often base my decision of strategy on how timid or bold my opponents seem to be. Much more common these days is a hybrid approach, where risk management really starts to shine. By making mostly small bets, and choosing opportunities for large bets, you can effectively combat both styles of players. Since most tables will have a mix of aggressive and minimum bettors, this gives you the ability to carefully choose hands where a large bet will be most effective. This gives me the ability to bet precisely enough to take the lead, without risking any extra chips.

The idea is simple: If you bet enough to reach your target even if your opponent also wins his bet, your bet is probably sized appropriately. Usually though, betting enough to take the lead if the dealer pays the entire table is your best plan. Once in the lead, you should still remember that similar outcomes are the rule. Making minimum bets as the leader just gives all your opponents free chances to pass you.

Instead, see if you can margin their bets by betting a similar amount. Choosing your battles means not placing a large bet unless you have a reason. Players who habitually bet medium-size amounts on most hands are severely handicapping their chance of success. I tend to be a player of extremes. If the leader has made a small bet, you should consider the risk and reward of making a max bet on this hand to take the lead.

Depending on how many hands are left in the round, this may be the last opportunity to retake the lead with a single bet. If you decide that the time is right for that risk, determine how much you really need to bet to accomplish the goal of being chip leader.

You might not need to make a full max bet. If possible, bet enough to take the lead if the leader also wins his small bet, or perhaps even a double down. If you need to take the lead, do it all in one hand if possible. It may seem paradoxical that minimizing risk means risking your entire bankroll on one hand. But, one successful large risk can eliminate the need for many medium-sized risks.

The advice to not risk extra chips has one common exception. Those ideas will go a long way toward insuring long-term tournament success. You can usually get a copy of the tournament rules after signing up for a tournament, or at the minimum you will be given a set of rules just prior to playing.

If you are playing on an on-line casino, read the rules there. Read the blackjack tournament rules, and if you have any questions, ask the folks running the tournament before you sit down to play. If you make a string bet, or try to add another chip into your betting spot, the secondary chips that you bet will be given back to you. The other faux pas you want to avoid is talking to observers during the final round.

This is disallowed in most tournaments. In one tournament I witnessed, a player started speaking to an observer in a foreign language and the observer answered back in the same language … both were immediately removed from the tournament room for breaking this rule.

In most tournaments, in the final championship round, players are also not allowed to speak to their opponents. There is a unique set of tournament skills that often determines whether or not a player will succeed in tournament play.

Below is a summary of these skills. For starters, you need to purchase some casino chips from a gaming retail store I recommend Gamblers General Store in Las Vegas and practice chip counting at home by stacking chips of the same denomination, then eyeballing the stack, and estimating the amount of money in each stack. Players who learn to chip count accurately have a big edge in blackjack tournaments.

Here are more tournament strategy skills you need to learn. The designation of the person who bets first on each hand in a tournament rotates around the table. A button is placed in front of the player who bets first. The player who bets first on the first hand is determined by a random draw often by rolling a dice; if the roll is a three, player seating in seat 3 will be the first to bet. As soon as it is determined who bets first, you need to figure out what betting positon you will have on the last round.

Also keep in mind, that if a player busts out loses all his chips during the round, the position of the last-hand button will change. Wait for the button to pass you before you make your catch-up bet.

Additionally, pay attention to the maximum betting limits. Be sure, also, to have enough chips to double down or pair split if necessary. Another way to catch up to the leader is bet opposite to the way he bets, meaning if he bets small, you bet big, or vice versa.

This is known as going for the low. If several opponents bet all their chips on the last hand or you believe they will if they bet after you, and you plan to do the same, then hold back one chip.

If the dealer beats the table, you might possibly advance because you held back one chip while your opponents busted out. If you need to make a large bet toward the critical last few hands, consider betting half your bankroll. This gives you the option of pair splitting if you draw a pair. If you need to bet more on the last hand to have more chips than a table leader, you sometimes need to double down no matter what hand you hold. I once won my round by doubling down on a 20 and drawing an ace; an unlikely draw, but it was the only way for me to get more money bet to overtake the leader if we both won our last hand.

If you are going into the last hand and you are not sure how much to bet, there is an old adage in tournament play that says: But there are exceptions; see below. In every blackjack tournament that I have played, I kept notes i. What follows is a summary of several blackjack mistakes made by players that caught my attention along with my comments.

The leader bet last and everyone who bet ahead of her went all in. Do you see the mistake she made? Whenever your bankroll is greater than 2. However, this is what happened. The chaser was dealt a 15 against a dealer 7 and he stood. The leader had a 12 and he followed basic strategy and hit his hand.

The leader should have stayed on his 12 remember you want the same result as the chaser, meaning if he stands with a stiff, you stand on your stiff.

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