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Done right, they are completely legal in Texas and can offer very good security, economics, and action. She and Erika were great teachers- we learned the basic game and betting strategies. From a professional and well trained black jack or poker dealer to an experienced and friendly bar tender iHost has got you covered! Just be sure to wear your poker face. Also, sometimes underground games mask themselves as home games.

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Convenience — it typically takes 2. So, the 5 to 6 hour round trip travel time is significant. The poker rooms are small and can get very full on the weekends and holidays with multi-hour waits to get on a table.

All of the casinos except for The Golden Nugget are on Bravo Poker Live , making it easy to see what tables are going and what the wait list is. We highly recommend taking the casino bus with Greatland Tours. Some people tip more. Factoring in gas, lodging, and food is important when thinking about the overall cost of playing in Louisiana.

Game Integrity — game integrity is usually good, with professional dealers, staff, and security and no tab. That said, players do gain special treatment by tipping floor people. Houston has an active bar scene for live poker.

No cash prize is awarded to the winner, but there are usually some sort of other low-value prizes up for grabs. The tournaments are usually a bit disorganized, and the play social in nature without a lot of skill. Legality — avoiding cash entries and prizes generally keeps these games out of trouble.

Safety — with no cash in play, these games are usually as safe as any other activity in a bar. Convenience — the tournaments take place all over town nightly. So finding one is usually pretty easy. They also typically have a fixed start time, making it easy to plan your visit. Collusion is rampant, as are repeated violations of poker etiquette.

We love home games at Texas Poker Training. Done right, they are completely legal in Texas and can offer very good security, economics, and action. Finding these can be tough, though.

Also, sometimes underground games mask themselves as home games. So keep an eye out. We highly recommend you get together with your friends and start your own home game. Legality — typically legal if not open to the public, no money comes off the table for rake or tips, no membership fee is charged, and everyone has an equal chance of winning. Violating any of this makes the game illegal and subject to being raided by the cops. Safety — varies depending on the location, regularity, and publicity of the game.

Convenience — varies depending on the game. You obviously avoid the drive to Louisiana, but it can sometimes be difficult to get a seat in a popular game. Finding these games can also be exceedingly difficult. Economics — these games should be free, but for any assistance you might provide to the host for food or drink. Any other money going to the host, dealers, etc makes the game illegal. Game Integrity — varies depending on the game. With friends, you just have to worry a bit about softplaying and unintentional breaches of poker etiquette.

With strangers, watch more carefully, keeping an eye out for dealing shenanigans, team play and texting, among other issues. This is what people often think about when they envision poker in Houston. These games are businesses. Here are some examples of previous raids: Legality — these games are illegal and you run the risk of arrest and a Class C misdemeanor each time you visit.

Safety — these games get robbed from time to time, particularly the popular ones. Various people are often armed in these games as well with all the pros and cons this implies. The games often take place in bad parts of town, and sometimes people get followed home from these games and have issues getting robbed or carjacked.

Convenience — this is the feature these games have going for them. They sometimes have multiple tables and run multiple nights of the week.

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